The Cantina Alien That Wasn’t

After the initial filming of the iconic Star Wars cantina sequence, makeup artist Rick Baker was brought in to supervise the creation of a new batch of aliens to be used in shooting the second unit of the cantina, adding new depth to what had already been shot. Some masks were created new while others were recycled from previous projects that Baker had worked on. As can be seen in the below image of Baker and his team, this led to the creation of some pretty classic Star Wars creatures that are prominent in the final film. 

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Obi-Wan – A Jedi’s Purpose Continuity Breakdown

  • Though the name was never said in the show, the name Akkani for Obi-Wan’s eopie was developed for Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Ben’s journals were a plot point introduced in Jason Aaron’s run on the Star Wars comic, which shows Luke discovering them after A New Hope.

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Thoughts on Tales of the Jedi Continuity

Starting with a detail I appreciated, I was surprised to see the third episode refer to the eventual Separatist capital as Raxus Secundus rather than just Raxus like in all of the previous shows. The relationship between the Raxus seen in the shows and the Raxus Prime junkworld seen in other media like the 2002 The Clone Wars game and The Force Unleashed always seemed to be something retroactively assigned by the books and not something that would ever be acknowledged in the shows, with the Secundus designation having been created well after the fact by Jason Fry. In general, I thought the Dooku episodes slotted themselves into the larger story very well in both details and larger themes.

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Shadow of the Sith Continuity Breakdown

It’s been a few months since the book was released now, but I decided to finally edit my notes on Shadow of the Sith into a post (if there’s enough interest, I can do this for The Princess and the Scoundrel as well). The novel does an impressive job of working with the other works set around the era to help define a time period that hasn’t been very thoroughly explored, as well as also depicting important events and places that have been referenced but never explored first hand until now.

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Andor Continuity Breakdown, Part One

Andor has quickly shown itself to be one of the most ambitious Star Wars shows so far, and while its overall story stands mostly on its own, it also has many small details littered throughout. I thought I would do one post to cover the first four of Andor‘s twelve episode run instead of one unreasonably long post by the end of the season.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Continuity Breakdown

Part I

  • The Inquisitors play a primary role in the series, originally introduced in West End Games material before being modernized in Rebels. On top of the Grand Inquisitor and Fifth Brother being characters from Rebels themselves, the two new Inquisitors (Third and Fourth Sisters) show some nice cross-media synchronicity by being the only two numbers left that hadn’t already been defined by a show, book, comic, or game in the last few years.

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Star Wars: Timelines Galaxy Map Breakdown

Recently unveiled at Star Wars Celebration was the map that will be displayed in the front of the upcoming reference book Star Wars Timelines, providing a sort of long-desired update to The Essential Atlas from the author who worked on both books, Jason Fry. It’s a beast of a map, with 742 total locations visible. For this post, I want to go through all of the 376 new placements. I’m counting “new” as never having been on one of these cool, thorough grid maps before, which means if a planet has been on another simpler map I’m still going to include it.

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Brotherhood Continuity Breakdown

The Cato Neimoidian capital city of Zarra serves as the primary setting of the novel. The city was introduced in an online roleplaying adventure from the Wizards of the Coast Dawn of Defiance campaign, while later RPG material established it being the capital. The Defense Legion Ruug served in was first mentioned in the Insider CIS Shadowfeeds. The Neimoidian language Pak Pak and the phrases used throughout the book are taken from Ben Burtt’s Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide. The Neimidian fondness for agaric ale is from Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter.

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The Collection of Dryden Vos

The collection of Dryden Vos in Solo: A Star Wars Story is absolutely loaded with details, some of them less obvious than others. Notably, these are not all retcons or connections made after the fact; at least some of the items in Dryden’s collection were intended to be pulled from the Expanded Universe from the start. One of my favorite parts is how this list is still incomplete; there are many items still unidentified. What we do have largely comes from the books Solo: The Visual Guide and Scum and Villainy. The Guide identifies six galleries on display in the collection, which I’ll go over and dissect individually.

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The Seeds for The High Republic Phase Two

With phase one officially at an end, phase two of the High Republic is set to kick off later this year, starting in October. Most of the details are locked up tight, but we do know that the phase will jump back in time to 150 years before phase one, shedding light on events hinted at throughout the books and comics so far. The first wave will include the Del Rey novel Convergence from Zoraida Córdova, the young adult novel Path of Deceit from Justina Ireland and Tessa Gratton, the middle grade novel Quest for the Hidden City from George Mann, the Dark Horse comic Quest of the Jedi from Claudia Gray, a Marvel ongoing from Cavan Scott, a Dark Horse graphic novel from Daniel José Older, and a Marvel miniseries from Charles Soule.

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