Jedi Survivors: Running the Numbers

In order to tally the exact number of Jedi survivors, first it has to be defined what exactly a Jedi survivor is. I’m only counting named Jedi who survived past the first couple days of Order 66, and who were or had previously been official members of the Jedi Order when it happened. Spoilers for Jedi: Survivor and other recent stories ahead.

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Jedi: Survivor Continuity Breakdown

Jedi: Survivor has only been out for a week so far but it’s already cemented its place among my favorite Star Wars video games and maybe Star Wars stories in general. Beyond the story itself, it also contains a good number of details and connections to every corner of the Star Wars galaxy. Spoilers for the complete game ahead so don’t read until you’ve finished it!

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Star Wars Timelines Continuity Breakdown

Following an early release at Star Wars Celebration, DK’s Timelines reference book is now widely available. I was excited for the book the moment I found out about it and it still managed to surprise me with how comprehensive and well-executed it was. All five of the authors (Kristin Baver, Jason Fry, Cole Horton, Amy Richau, and Clayton Sandell) did an excellent job with their individual sections and deserve a ton of recognition for the intimidating challenge of making this franchise’s timeline digestible. The designers of the book also deserve a lot of love because the way it’s laid out with the artwork and images it uses adds a lot of experience of reading it. I definitely recommend anyone with even a vague interest in the premise pick up a copy because it won’t disappoint.

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Aurebesh Details

Aurebesh has been a staple of onscreen Star Wars storytelling since the prequel trilogy, the first films made after the alphabet was refined by West End Games RPG material. It’s become so ubiquitous that a number of related precursor scripts were created for Rogue One, including Domabesh, Dishabesh, and Protobesh. There are plenty of examples where upon closer inspection, Aurebesh doesn’t actually translate to anything legible, or it translates to some in-joke from the production team, but sometimes the Aurebesh in the background actually includes relevant details or references that flesh out the setting.

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The High Republic: Convergence Continuity Breakdown

  • A decent amount of care is given to explaining the galactic cartography of the Eiram/E’ronoh system and how it relates to the known areas around it, giving explanations for why the war between the two planets would logically disrupt everything around them. The war is specifically called out as affecting the trade routes in the Koradin sector (first mentioned in Galaxy Guide 11, placed in grids I-18 and J-18 by The Essential Atlas) and the Lipsec Run (first mentioned in Lords of the Expanse, shown to end in the Koradin sector by the Atlas). The recent Timelines map did show Eiram to lie on a new downwards branch of the Lipsec in grid I-19.  Continue reading The High Republic: Convergence Continuity Breakdown

The Cantina Alien That Wasn’t

After the initial filming of the iconic Star Wars cantina sequence, makeup artist Rick Baker was brought in to supervise the creation of a new batch of aliens to be used in shooting the second unit of the cantina, adding new depth to what had already been shot. Some masks were created new while others were recycled from previous projects that Baker had worked on. As can be seen in the below image of Baker and his team, this led to the creation of some pretty classic Star Wars creatures that are prominent in the final film. 

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Obi-Wan – A Jedi’s Purpose Continuity Breakdown

  • Though the name was never said in the show, the name Akkani for Obi-Wan’s eopie was developed for Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Ben’s journals were a plot point introduced in Jason Aaron’s run on the Star Wars comic, which shows Luke discovering them after A New Hope.

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