Solo: The Official Guide Easter Eggs and References

Finished the new Guide after a couple hours of almost nonstop reading and note taking. Probably my favorite out of all the new guides, I really enjoyed it. As always, tons of stuff to unpack because Pablo knows his Star Wars.

  • Corellian Spike sabaac gets brought up plenty, including the use of dice that makes it unique. It was first established back in Pablo’s Visual Dictionary for TFA. That book said Han used his lucky dice in a game of Corellian Spike to win the Falcon. We didn’t see it in the film but I suppose it’s possible he used the dice offscreen. The TLJ Junior Novel says they’re weighted so he can cheat.
  • Coronet City is mentioned multiple times, as in the film. It dates back to Ambush at Corellia, a novel published in 1995.
  • Vervikks, small space rats, are mentioned as pests on Corellia. They were first mentioned back in the classic Marvel comic series, issue #9. Issue #9 is a part of Starhoppers of Aduba-3 arc that is heavily referenced throughout the guide.
  • Dobarn Tren is mentioned to be a member of the Sacred Way, a religious organization that first appeared in the previously mentioned classic Marvel arc.
  • Waria Junus comes from Kor Vella, a Corellian city that was introduced in the Galaxies MMORPG.
  • Bin Essada, Mimban’s governor, and the planet Gyndine are mentioned in the Mimban section. Both of them come from Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, the first EU novel and the origin of Mimban.
  • The clone Mud-Jumpers of the 224th are mentioned as having fought on Mimban, their impact still being felt. They were first mentioned as fighting on Mimban in TCW S1E5, Rookiees, over a radio broadcast. Han’s unit is the Imperial 224th and Pablo’s wording is even a reference to the broadcast, describing them as slogging it out on Mimban.
  • Collum Woslo once went to the Myomar Imperial Academy. While the planet has a long history, the Academy there was first established in the Thrawn novel.
  • Glee Anselm is mentioned as Beckett’s homeworld, as in the film. Glee Anselm is the homeworld of Jedi Kit Fisto. Other film references present in the book are Aurra Sing being killed by Beckett, a Gigoran on Kessel, and a Tognath in Enfys Nest’s gang.
  • Rio is a veteran of the Freedom’s Sons, who were established in Han Solo at Stars’ End.
  • The valachord is mentioned repeatedly, like in the film, and it came from the Aftermath series. Unless I am mistaken I believe it is our first onscreen reference to a canon book.
  • Zeta-class shuttles are mentioned on the Conveyex page. The shuttles were made for Rogue One and can be seen in that film.
  • Purrgils and the Clouzon-36 gas from Rebels are mentioned on the coaxium page.
  • The Dark Star Hellions and Nova Demons are mentioned on the Cloud Riders spread. They originally came from the Shadows of the Empire novelization.
  • Swoop racing is mentioned as being popular in the Core Worlds. It was first seen in Knights of the Old Republic, on Taris.
  • Enfys Nest’s gauntlets contain beskar armor, also called Mandalorian armor. It has a long history and was first called beskar in an Insider article. It was also used in Rebels.
  • Jogan fruit is pointed out inside of Dryden’s ship. Jogans date back to TCW, where they appeared numerous times.
  • Dryden Vos’ yacht is Kalevalan. The planet was first mentioned in the Complete Encyclopedia, likely developed for TCW, and the Kalvala Spaceworks company was established in TCW tie in materials.
  • Dryden wears a baffleweave cape that is difficult for scanners to weapons penetrate. Bazine Netal wears clothing of the same material for the same reason, as established in the short story The Perfect Weapon.
  • Dryden’s weapons in the film are Kyuzo. Kyuzo have been seen in TCW (Embo) and TFA (Zuvio).
  • One of Dryden’s guests is a Count of Serenno, just like Dooku was.
  • Margo is an Imroosian who comes from a volcanic planet.  Imrooso, established in Essential Atlas, was a volcanic rock. Bonus: she wears Ottegan jewelry and Imrooso was located in the Ottegan system.
  • Margo also wears a shimmersilk gown. Shimmersilk comes from Han Solo at Stars’ End originally.
  • The Guide confirms that the crystal skull in Dryden’s collection was a mytag crystal masthead of Xim the Despot, a reference to Han Solo and the Lost Legacy. The Queen of Ranroon ship mentioned on the same spread is a reference to the same book.
  • Other items in Dryden’s collection:
    • Near-complete set of Old Republic-era Mandalorian rally master armor.
    • A mummified hand of the lost Duros king. The idea of the Duros having kings dates back to the infamous Jedi Prince series of childrens books.
    • A cerulean droch from Felucia. Drochs date back to the Planet of Twilight novel.
    • A couple of Sith artifacts, such as a slab of obsidian from a Sith Temple and a reconstructed Sith holocron.
    • A taozin grub. Taozin come from the novel Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter.
    • A traditional Noghri carver set. Noghri were created by Timothy Zahn for the famous heir to the Empire novel, and Ruhk the Noghri appeared in Rebels.
    • The ashes is Chancellor Contispex I. Constipex was created by Daniel Wallace for The New Essential Chronology in 2005.
    • A Rakatan wraith box. The Rakata were made for the Knights of the Old Republic video game, and Rakatan wraith boxes were introduced in The Old Republic MMORPG.
    • The Dancing Goddess idol of the Godoan people. The religious Godoans were introduced in issue #99 of the classic Marvel comic series.
  • The planet Rafa is mentioned twice in the Guide. It comes from the novel Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu.
  • Tarubo Bunzo is from the Ring of Kafrene, as seen early on in Rogue One.
  • Kara Safwan is a spy hired by the Rang Clan, which was first mentioned in Dark Disciple and rumored to be a part of a cancelled video game.
  • Gaberwool, worn by Diles Anevi, was made for the novel The New Rebellion.
  • Qi’ra wears voorpak-fur for warmth. Voorpacks were first mentioned in the fourth issue of Gamer magazine from Wizards of the Coast.
  • Astrid Fenris flies a YT-2400, a model of ship developed for the Special Edition of ANH and named in the novelization of Shadows of the Empire.
  • Tregga is from Oslumpex V, a planet first mentioned in Han Solo’s Revenge.
  • As seen in the film, Lando likes to recount his adventures, including a caper involving the Mindharp of Sharu. This is a reference to the book of the same name, Pablo even includes a joke about Lando thinking he can write a full trilogy, as Mindharp of Sharu was first in a Lando trilogy.
  • Lando’s spread also mentions the Oseon belt, a reference to the same Lando trilogy.
  • Lando’s blaster is made from chromium, mined from one of Naboo’s moons. Naboo ships have long been made of chromium, as is Phasma’s armor because it was made from Palpatine’s Naboo yacht.
  • Dried chak-root is used as gambling stake. Chak-root goes back to the Starhoppers of Aduba-3 arc of the classic Marvel series.
  • The Falcon having Girodyne sublight engines was established in the Complete Cross Sections book from 2007. The Isu-Sim SSPO5 hyperdrive and Microaxial HyD nav computer are also bits of Legends lore on the Falcon.
  • Part of the Falcon’s skin is made from alabaster, which dates back to the Dark Apprentice novel.
  • The Pyke homeworld of Oba Diah gets a mention, having been introduced in TCW.
  • The Wookiee city of Rwookrrorro is mentioned as Sagwa’s home. Though it was retconned into the Holiday Special, it was first identified in Heir to the Empire.
  • Yorsh Manted works for the Mining Guild, an important organization that was first mentioned in ESB and also appeared in Rebels.
  • DD-BD was found on a Morseerian pirate ship. Morseerians first appearaed back in ANH, and Morseerian pirates appeared in Episode 1 Adventures 8.
  • As usual, the map contains planets from every single Star Wars movie and TV show. The only unknown planet on the map is Numidian Prime, which is also mentioned as the variant of sabaac Lando plays. Perhaps it’s the planet from the end of the film?
  • Weazel, Warwick Davis’ character, is said to have once worked for Hutts out of Mos Espa, confirming him to be the character Warwick played in TPM.
  • The infamous Droid Gotra is mentioned to have caused a violent dispute on Eshan. The Gotra was first mentioned in Tarkin and has recurred through canon a bit since then.
  • Speaking of Eshan, it is the home planet of the Echani, first mentioned in The Essential Atlas. The Echani were first mentioned in the Crimson Empire comic. Tayshin and Moda Maxa are Echani siblings. Specifically they are Thyrsians, a subspecies of the Echani.
  • Moda rides a Vulpetreen swoop, a nod to when Dud Bolt rode a Vulptreen podracer in TPM.
  • Tubes’ bio mentions that Yar Togna was conquered by the Empire, leading to the mass exodus of the Tognath. This was established in the Rogue One Visual Guide.
  • Batcha Hunaris once worked at a fueling depot on Orinda, a planet first mentioned in the novel Before the Storm.
  • One of the final pages of the book shows a preserved dwarf vynock. Vynocks go back to the Droids comic series from Dark Horse.
  • Though I am not sure if they appear in the final film, one of the last pages of the book shows Imperial officers Tag Greenley and Bink Otauna. They were created for a satirical non canon Dark Horse comic and were reported to cameo in the film portrayed by Toby Hefferman and Jon Kasdan.

The West End Games references deserve their own section, because they are so very numerous.

  • Manufacturers/Organizations: Aratech, Sienar Fleet Systems, Corellian Engineering Corporation, Merr-Sonn, Kuat Drive Yards, CorSec, Ubrikkian Industries, Hyrotii Assembly Services, MerenData, Chedak, Fabritech, Caelli-Merced, Prax Arms, TranLang, Lantillian ShipWrights
  • Aliens/Creatures: Rykrit, Gwerax-Hai, Runyip, Houk
  • Locations/Planets: Myomar, Carida, Veron, Tran Mariel, Byblos, Yir Tangee, Tibrin, Socorro
  • Misc: Edjian Prince/Uhl Eharl Khoehng, Quadranium, Shey Tapani University, Baradium, Iridium

The book is clearly packed with many, many references to preexisting works, so I’m certain that I missed plenty. Let me know if you spotted anything I didn’t.

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I like Star Wars. And Marvel too, to a lesser degree.

3 thoughts on “Solo: The Official Guide Easter Eggs and References”

  1. Hi!

    First of all: Great List! I found some of them by myself, but not even close as much as you.

    But I still have two more references or maybe easter eggs for you.
    There is an Imperial Pilot in this book named Ayden Boship, which I clearly saw as an anagram for Andy Bishop. But I din’t find any clear refference till the very last inner page of the book (Note: I have the german version so I don’t know where exactly this is in the english one) at the acknowledgements. Here is a guy named Andy Bishop listed from DK Publishing. So I think the Reference goes on this one.

    The next thing I found is the Droid GL-OT15 on Drydon Voss’ ship. In the book it’s noted that he controls the elevator of this ship. So if you read OT15 as all letters you get OTIS which is a famous elevator building company from Farmington Connecticut.

    Just my two cents.




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