Star Wars: Choose Your Destiny Mini-Missions

This year a number of Choose Your Destiny Mini-Missions were released exclusively through Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. They’re audio missions that you get to decide the direction of, though like the book version of the series there is mostly one path that contains a few variables. I thought I would summarize all of them and some of their fun bits of trivia for anyone outside the US or otherwise can’t access them. These should be the overall “canon” versions, though some minor variables can change.

A Podracer Mission

This story is set on Tatooine undefined years after The Phantom Menace, presumably in the Imperial era. The Boonta Eve is still annual but has faded in prominence in favor of swoop dueling and air rallies. Jabba has put Sebulba in charge of organizing the races and some changes have been made to draw crowds, including adding twisting dune pipes and reducing the race to two laps instead of three. You’re a young podracer whose family crashed on Tatooine and can’t afford to make repairs in order to leave. Your Er’kit mechanic friend Saleen helps you prepare your pod and you convince her to let you use a dangerous forcefield generator for the race so you can win. Sebulba comes up to you and tries to talk you out of racing but you do it anyway. The other racers include Haza the Jawa and AC-184, one of the first droids to race. You remove a suspicious device from Haza’s pod. After various dodges and maneuvers while racing, you end up rescuing Haza from krayt dragons. While nearing the finish line you realize Sebulba has sabotaged the race by planting mines, putting the device on Haza’s pod, and putting a restraining bolt on AC-184. You jump out of your pod, leaving Haza in it, to confront him and stop him from sabotaging the race further. Sebulba reveals Jabba ordered him to do it to spike more interest in the race. You escape him and Haza wins the race in your pod, splitting the money with you so your family can leave. Haza will also warn the other racers about the sabotage so it won’t continue.

One fun easter egg in this one is a mention of an arch in the race called “Zorba’s Back,” an allusion to Jabba’s father Zorba from the infamous Jedi Prince kids books.

A Clone Trooper Mission

This story is set during the Clone Wars, presumably early on. You’re a clone in the 327th Star Corps, serving under Aayla Secura and Bly. Master Vos discovered intelligence about the Separatists manufacturing a new kind of battle droid in a base on the muddy planet Escander, so you, Aayla, Bly, and the 327th are there to investigate and stop the Separatists. While proceeding to the base, droids attack and Bly is wounded. He’s sent back to the gunship and you receive command of the clones. Aayla goes into the base alone and orders you to stay there but there’s a long silence. You call her and accidentally alert the droids to her presence. You leave the other clones outside and go into the base alone to help. In the research labs you find evidence of Aayla’s capture and a flash grenade that you take. You then discover Aayla being interrogated by Ventress. The leaked intelligence was a trap to capture a Jedi and extract information. You distract Ventress by activating droids and free Aayla. The two of you get to the shuttle bay and manage to escape safely after a brief scuffle with Ventress.

In one bad ending, Ventress mentions having taken the warlords of Rattatak, which was established in Cavan’s Dooku: Jedi Lost.

A Smuggler Mission

This story is takes place some time not long before Empire Strikes Back. You’re a smuggler with an Artiodac partner named Cykon. On Delphon, a droid hires you two to preform a job to transport artifacts to Cloud City. After stealing bafflers from a Mikkian techmongerer named Cage, you avoid encounters with stormtroopers and the Black Hole Gang before leaving for Bespin. A security officer sees through your faked ID but agrees to let you go in exchange for a bribe. Lando himself then confronts you and reveals that he had the droid hire you: he suspected there was a weak link in his security system and wanted to prove it. He lets you go, but takes your attempted bribe to pay back Cage.

Something in the story is described as “as fake as a Bray sunrise,” which is an allusion to the eternally dark planet Bray from Cavan’s Tales from Vader’s Castle comic miniseries. The Black Hole Gang featured in the story is a pull from the classic Marvel comics.

An Escape Mission

In this story, you’re a prisoner in Jabba’s palace. Jabba took you as a hostage to force your parents to sell him their mines, which his rival Lady Valarian also wants. A Devaronian named Canno Wix is thrown into your cell and he tells you he’s a treasure hunter who let himself get captured so he can find an ancient Tusken totem in the palace. The two of you escape together but Canno is hurt so you go to a med center. You’re captured and brought before Jabba, who you provoke into dropping you into his beast pit where you think you can escape and reunite with Canno. You’re forced to fight a Caridian combat arachnid but you reunite with Canno and get to a room filled with artifacts. The two of you find the totem but a B’omarr monk attacks for invading the sacred archives. You distract the monk by asking it questions about the history of Tatooine and manage to escape. Canno reveals that he works for Lady Valarian and he stole the totem because it contains the locations of mines in the Dune Sea. He tells Lady Valarian about your parents’ mine and she plans to hold you hostage but you escape with the totem and return to your family.

Jabba’s rival Valarian is a pull from Legends, originally from West End Games. While trying to uncover Tatooine’s history, the B’omarr monk mentions something interesting about Lehon.

A Scavenger Mission

In this story, you’re a scavenger on Jakku around thirty years after the battle. Unkar Plutt tries to force your friend Jaylin to sell him her very valuable hyperfuel that she found, but she refuses with the help of Rey. You and Jaylin then save Bobbajo from being harassed by Krynodd, a Gabdorin and Unkar’s rival. Bobbajo reveals he knows about a new Imperial ship unearthed in the Graveyard, the Arrow, reported to be mostly in tact. He points you towards Carina, a happabore farmer. With a distraction, you save her from Krynodd too. Carina reveals the location of the Arrow and you and Jaylin go to it. It’s a small shuttle but it’s in well enough shape to fly. Krynodd boards the ship with a security droid but you fight him off before you and Jaylin leave Jakku forever in the ship using the hyperfuel she kept.

Krynodd is drawn from the first story of the Adventures comic, which was written by Cavan. A couple of Jakku locations established in The Force Awakens tie-ins are mentioned, including Feressee’s Point and the Spike. 

A Maz’s Castle Mission

This story takes place during The Force Awakens at Maz’s castle, just after the destruction of Hosnian Prime. You and your friend Jashco Phurus are discussing what just happened when the First Order attacks the castle. Jashco is trapped under some rubble but you and Maz free him with some help from Chewbacca. You and Jashco head towards your ship but are stopped when Gwellis Bagnoro begs for your help finding his Barghest pet, Izby. You find Izby in the forest and after saving him, you invite Gwellis to join you and Jashco. On the way to your ship, you stop again to rescue the band (including Zedbeddy Coggins) from stormtroopers. At your ship, you discover Wollivan attempting to break in. Stormtroopers attack so you, Jashco, and Gwellis rush aboard the ship. You reluctantly let Wollivan come too. Once in your ship, you decide to help the arriving Resistance fighters take on the TIEs. Your ship is shot down and you prepare to fight again before the First Order retreats, having found what they came for. Your ship destroyed, Maz introduces you to Leia after she’s finished talking to Han and Chewie. Leia invites you to join the Resistance and you, Jashco, and other survivors take her up on the offer, leaving Takodana in the transport with her.

This story is probably my favorite of the group. All of the characters are pulled from The Force Awakens (Jashco, Gwellis, Zedbeddy Coggins, and Wollivan). Zedbeddy Coggins is given a species for the first time, something like “Zenezian.” Maz’s single rule of the castle, no fighting, was established in Aftermath: Life Debt. Jashco mentions Cardota and Raysho, two planets in the Hosnian system as established by Super Graphic. One bad ending for the mission finds you crashing through the floor of the castle into an ancient Jedi tomb. Han’s only dialogue comes in another bad ending where you expose him to the First Order. Your homeworld is Drongar, the setting of the MedStar novels. It’s left ambiguous which survivors join the Resistance beside you and Jashco but it doesn’t look good for any of them because they’re not present at the end of The Last Jedi or in Resistance Reborn.

Those are all of the missions so far. I really hope some more come out in the future because they’re a lot of fun. Side note, Jashco and Gwellis are my two new favorites, they’re both great.


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