The Collection of Dryden Vos

The collection of Dryden Vos in Solo: A Star Wars Story is absolutely loaded with details, some of them less obvious than others. Notably, these are not all retcons or connections made after the fact; at least some of the items in Dryden’s collection were intended to be pulled from the Expanded Universe from the start. One of my favorite parts is how this list is still incomplete; there are many items still unidentified. What we do have largely comes from the books Solo: The Visual Guide and Scum and Villainy. The Guide identifies six galleries on display in the collection, which I’ll go over and dissect individually.

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On the left is what the Guide identifies as a gallery devoted to ancient maps and navigational devices from the era of early stellar cartography; specifically called out is an Alderaanian armillary sphere. Scum and Villainy claims another armillary sphere denotes the ancient alignment of Duros, Corellia, and Alderaan. On the right is a gallery devoted to pre-spacefaring tribal artifacts. Between the two is a creature that has been identified as a “goaty-chicken.” I don’t think that’s a reference to anything but I am very fond of it.

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Another rare creature on display is a Tran Mariel runyip, a distinct species from the Yavin critter of the same name, from old West End Games guides.

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On the right from the tribal artifacts is a display of ancient technology, capped by a reconstructed Sith holocron. The design of Sith holocrons originates from the Tales of the Jedi comic, while the one in Dryden’s collection is visually similar to the Sith holocron prop constructed for Attack of the Clones: The Visual Dictionary. Surrounding the holocron are dataplaques, one of which the Guide says allegedly pinpoints the location of the lost ship Queen of Ranroon; Han’s hunt for this ship was the plot of Han Solo and the Lost LegacyScum and Villainy identifies one of the other dataplaques as being from the Permondiri Explorer, another lost ship from the Daley novels.

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On the left is a dwarf vinock, which judging from the appearance I’m assuming is a misspelling of “vynock,” an EU relative of mynocks.

Next is a display featuring idols of power and leadership. The crowning piece of this display is a masthead of Xim the Despot, which featured prominently on the cover of Han Solo and the Lost Legacy and was the symbol of the ancient ruler in the book. The film’s art book also mentions the blue Jewel of Yavin in this display, originally the subject of a Fantasy Flight Games RPG adventure of the same name. I don’t know if it’s in the final film but it’s possible it could have served as inspiration for the jewels Qi’ra points out on the display at the end of the film, since two of them are blue and resemble it.

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The focus of the ancient weaponry display as identified by the Guide is a near-complete Old Republic-era set of red Mandalorian rally master armor. The Knights of the Old Republic comic explicitly identified Mandalorian rally masters as “warriors in crimson.” Two of the weapons with the armor are identified in Scum and Villainy as a rally master lance and a munit’kad halberd (“munit’kad” being taken from the words for “long” and “sword” in Mando’a).

Another creature on display on the right is a cerulean droch from Felucia. Drochs were introduced in Planet of Twilight as vicious insects that drain the life energy of their prey.

Perhaps the coolest item in Dryden’s collection is one that isn’t readily obvious: the obsidian slab built into his desk, which the Guide identifies as having been plundered from a Sith temple. As expertly pieced together here by AurekFonts, the glyphs on the slab in the film translate directly to “our temple honouring Sith Lord Exar Kun.” Exar Kun was a primary character in the Tales of the Jedi comic after being introduced as a dark spirit in the Jedi Academy Trilogy. The film’s art book confirms this was the original intention for the slab.

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Finally, there’s the display of ancient mystic relics, seen here on the right. The crown jewel of this display is the Dancing Goddess, a statue important to the Godoan people and first seen in the classic Marvel Star Wars run. A mummified hand is identified by the Guide as having belonged to the lost king of Duro, whose mummy was detailed in an online Wizards of the Coast RPG supplement. Another artifact visible in the display detailed in Scum and Villainy is an ou’tranoi, a sacred vase mentioned in the original first edition of the West End Games RPG rulebook. The crystals in the display are said in the Guide to be Rafa life crystals, seen in Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu, a book referenced elsewhere in the film as well. Two Rakatan wraith boxes, first seen in The Old Republic, also rest on the table. I’m not sure which is supposed to contain them but the Guide says the display has arks with the ashes of the ancient Chancellor Contispex I, first mentioned in The New Essential Chronology.

On the right, the final creature on display is a taozin grub, a Force-resistant beast notably fought by Darth Maul in the novel Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter.

One artifact in Dryden’s collection in the Guide that I haven’t been able to place in the film is the Noghri carver set, which draws upon information from Dark Force Rising.


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