Star Wars: Timelines Galaxy Map Breakdown

Recently unveiled at Star Wars Celebration was the map that will be displayed in the front of the upcoming reference book Star Wars Timelines, providing a sort of long-desired update to The Essential Atlas from the author who worked on both books, Jason Fry. It’s a beast of a map, with 742 total locations visible. For this post, I want to go through all of the 376 new placements. I’m counting “new” as never having been on one of these cool, thorough grid maps before, which means if a planet has been on another simpler map I’m still going to include it.


Anaxes (R-7) and Vandor (P-14) are the only two worlds on the map to have moved significantly away from their original Atlas placing, due to their use in canon stories making their old placements impossible.

Almost all of the 366 returning worlds fall into five categories: worlds from the films or The Clone Wars; alien homeworlds; worlds from key Legends stories like the classic Marvel comics, The Han Solo Adventures, The Thrawn Trilogy, and more; Legends worlds that have had increased prominence in recent years due to use in other material; and worlds made geographically notable in The Essential Atlas. I decided it wasn’t worth thoroughly breaking down those four categories, at least not yet, but I did make a PDF list of the returning worlds here.


Episode VII – The Force Awakens: Ahch-To (F-13), Nantoon (M-13), Trillia (P-13), Ponemah (H-16)

Episode VIII – The Last Jedi: Cantonica (S-4), Chyron (J-16), Crait (N-17), Oetchi (N-17)

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Ardennia (K-6), Numidian Prime (L-7)

Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker: Ansett (N-5), Cardovyte (M-6), Exegol (F-7), Griq (H-7), Ajan Kloss (L-5), Ivexia (Q-7), Kijimi (R-8), Sinta (Q-12), Pasaana (O-13)

Television Series

The Clone Wars: Stygeon (Q-6), Yalbec Prime (P-7), Yerbana (Q-17)

Rebels: Seelos (Q-4), Takobo (N-6), Jalindi (P-6), Killun Station (T-6), Atollon (T-6), Wynkathu (L-7), Krownest (O-7), Del Zennis (R-7), Naraka (S-7), Mykapo (T-7), Sereeda (T-7), Archeon Nebula (T-7), Lothal (U-7), Garel (U-7), Montross (P-8), Ibaar (T-8), Yarma (T-8), Berzite (U-8), Oosalon (U-12), Nixus (P-18), Havoc Outpost (S-19), Lira San (O-20)

Resistance: Aeos (M-3), Drahgor (S-4), Varkana (O-6), Dassal (H-7), Tehar (I-7), Keteeria (O-7), Voxx Cluster (S-7), Barabesh (I-16), Castilon (I-16), Celsor (N-17)

The Bad Batch: Daro (N-6), Idaflor (O-18)

The Mandalorian: Nevarro (J-19)

Video Games

Commander: Dandoran (R-9)

Uprising: Mikkia (M-7), Chroman (K-17)

Battlefront II: Hartaga (K-8), Vardos (L-9)

Jedi: Fallen Order: Zeffo (M-3), Bogano (N-3), Bracca (P-9)

Squadrons: Zavian Abyss (P-10)

Hunters: Vespaara (S-8)


A New Dawn: Gorse (O-10)

Heir to the Jedi: Fex (L-12), Kupoh (R-13), Omereth (U-13), Pasher (M-14)

Dark Disciple: Mahnranee (P-8)

Aftermath: Akiva (O-6), Typhonic Nebula (Q-11), Vulpinus Nebula (K-16)

Battlefront: Twilight Company: Crucival (S-6), Enrivi (R-9), Ankhural (R-9), Haidoral Prime (R-10), Obumubo (L-13), Mardona (N-13), Demiloch (R-13), Kuliquo (L-14), Nakadia (M-15), Najan-Rovi (M-17)

Bloodline: Riosa (J-8), Bastatha (N-10), Birren (O-10), Chrome Citadel (O-11), Lonera (N-12), Sibensko (L-15), Gad (M-17), Daxam (N-18), Pamarthe (N-18)

Aftermath: Life Debt: Belladoon (K-3), Korrus (K-4), Zhadalene (N-4), Irudiru (S-4), Recluse’s Nebula (K-6), Nag Ubdur (P-7), Turco Prime (Q-8), Nadiri (L-9), The Inamorata (U-10), The Almagest (J-13), Hyborea (I-16), Ro-Loo Triangle (P-16), Vorlag (P-18)*

Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel: Salient (R-3), Alpinn (N-4), Merj (O-6), Espinar (K-9), Rajtiri (P-9), Grange (Q-11), Kartoosh (I-16), Vallt (P-17), Samovar (I-18), Wadi Raffa (M-20)

Aftermath: Empire’s End: Virkoi (N-9), Ssori (S-13), Orish (M-17)

Thrawn: Lysatra (I-8)

Battlefront II: Inferno Squad: Jeosyn (N-6), Arvaka Prime (N-9)

Phasma: Parnassos (H-6)

From a Certain Point of View: Arkax Station (M-14)

Canto Bight: Werma (Q-3), Askkto-Fen (P-19)

The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition: Icindra (U-6)

Last Shot: Grimdock (P-10), Mesula (M-16), Grava (K-20)

Thrawn: Alliances: Mokivj (G-16)

Master & Apprentice: Pijal (L-8)

Alphabet Squadron: Vernid (M-4), Pandem Nai (P-6), Nacronis (M-7), Rentaxius (O-8), Harkrova (N-9), Polyneus (J-14), Entropian Hive (J-17), Trenchenovu (K-19)

Dooku: Jedi Lost: Asusto (P-5), Nithorni (K-8), Dalna (I-19)

Resistance Reborn: Ephemera (J-14), Tovash Tchii (O-17)

Shadow Fall: Cerberon (L-10), Jarbanov (P-11), Pormthulis (N-16)

Victory’s Price: Freerock (H-13), Fedovoi End (M-14), Chadawa (N-14), Netalych (N-14)

From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back: Rycep (L-19)

The High Republic: Light of the Jedi: Hetzal (Q-16), Ab Dalis (R-17), Kur Nebula (M-20)

The High Republic: The Rising Storm: Grizal (L-17), Cyclor (N-17), Valo (N-19), Rystan (M-20)

*If I may speculate, I believe the heavy number of locations from this one source is because most of them were briefly-mentioned but strategically-significant Imperial flashpoints or hideouts, providing a nice geographical snapshot of the Empire in that era.

Young Adult

Lost Stars: Jelucan (Q-4), Dinwa Prime (L-8), Iloh (N-9), Queluhan Nebula (H-12), Kerev Doi (O-12), Ivarujar (K-16)

Smuggler’s Run: A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure: Cyrkon (T-13)

Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure: Zastiga (K-20)

Before the Awakening: Mirrin (P-5), Pressylla (M-6), Hevurion (L-8)

Adventures in Wild Space: Noctu (J-13), Agaris (G-14), Xala (H-14), Klytus (H-15), Thune (I-18), Xirl (O-20)

Ahsoka: Thabeska (O-5), Raada (O-5)

Rebel Rising: Skuhl (R-5), Five Points (S-6), Inusagi (O-16), Centori (O-16)

Guardians of the Whills: Mefti (L-8)

The Legends of Luke Skywalker: Lew’el (J-3), Agoliba-Tu (K-3)

The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron: Attera (N-4), Refnu (N-5)

The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear!: Ushruu (O-13)

Lando’s Luck: Hynestia (J-13), Guagenia (J-14), Livno (J-21)

Pirate’s Price: Dhandu (I-8), Throffdon (J-9), Galagolos (J-9), Gwongdeen (J-9)

Myths & Fables: Alamass (T-9)

A Crash of Fate: Abelor (K-17), Actlyon (K-19)

Force Collector: Pam’ba (H-15), Merokia (J-18)

Spark of the Resistance: Minfar (I-13)

Choose Your Destiny: A Finn and Poe Adventure: Tevel (J-5)

Poe Dameron: Free Fall: Kellgar (O-3), Moraysi (P-18), Guat’a (P-19)

The High Republic: Into the Dark: Vint (T-16), Eiram (I-19)

The High Republic: A Test of Courage: Genetia (I-14)

Queen’s Hope: Hebekrr (N-7)


Star Wars (2015): Mako-Ta (M-6), Strokill Prime (U-6), Lanz Carpo (M-11), Kakra (I-14), Vagadarr (K-14), Novka (R-14), Barnahof (S-14), Dene Gois Cluster (S-14), Sergia (J-15), Cymoon (L-15), Odona (Q-17), Sunspot (I-18), Tureen (K-19)*, Chagar (O-19), Vrogas Vas (O-19)

Darth Vader (2015): Anthan Prime (K-3), Son-tuul (J-4), Shu-Torun (J-7), Cosmatanic Steppes (R-16), Crushank Nebulae (M-19)

Princess Leia: Espirion (N-12), Skaradosh (N-13)

Kanan: Kaller (K-5), Kardoa (L-5)

Lando: Bar’leth (M-10)

Shattered Empire: Vetine (L-14), Beltire (J-17), Sterdic (P-17), Wretch of Tayron (L-18)

Chewbacca: Andelm (O-19)

Han Solo: Dragon Void (K-14)

Doctor Aphra (2016): Arbiflux (L-3), Sh’ung-tesk (N-4), Thrinittik (L-8), Tiferep (L-17), Unox (P-18)

The Screaming Citadel: Ktath’atn (M-4), Horox (M-5)

Poe Dameron: Great Forveen Nebula (J-6), Spalex (J-6), Pheryon (J-8), Kaddak (T-14), Megalox Beta (L-15), Ovanis (G-16), Ikkrukk (P-17), Pastoria (P-17)

Rogue One – Cassian & K-2SO Special: Wecacoe (K-13)

The Last Jedi – The Storms of Crait: Baraan-Fa (N-17)

Darth Vader (2017): Cabarria (M-13), Chandar’s Folly (J-20)

Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu: Hissrich (R-6)

Lando – Double or Nothing: Batuv (P-12), Kullgroon (P-12), Petrusia (P-12)

Han Solo – Imperial Cadet: Qhulosk (T-8), Boiyuh (J-9)

Beckett: Hovun (P-13), Munt Ontdal (Q-13)

Age of Republic: Ledeve (I-7), Kudo (K-14)

Age of Rebellion: Calumdarian (K-8), Dannamore (J-20)

Vader – Dark Visions: Lokud (L-3)

Galaxy’s Edge: I’vorcia (O-4), Avedot (L-8)

Age of Resistance: Rarlech (H-5), Demir (G-6), Maher (G-7), Benath (I-7), Necropolis (H-16)

Allegiance: Tah’Nuhna (Q-14)

Target Vader: Arvina (S-15), Yuw (Q-16), Heva (S-16)

The Rise of Kylo Ren: Varnak (Q-11), Elphrona (I-17), Amaxine Station (J-19)

Star Wars (2020): Serelia (J-16), Elessia (P-16)

Doctor Aphra (2020): Kolkur (S-5)

Bounty Hunters: Dotharian (S-12)

War of the Bounty Hunters: Jekara (R-7)

The High Republic: Shuraden (I-18), Mulita (H-19)

Adventures (2017): Oru (L-3), Sakreen (S-7), Marquinn (K-8), Charissia (L-15), Neijaia (N-15)

Adventures: The Clone Wars – Battle Tales: Quarmendy (R-15), Hisseen (R-15)

The High Republic Adventures: Trymant (L-20)

Reference Books**

The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary: Nar Kanji (S-9), Narq (N-11), Ubardia (N-12), Candovant (N-12), Abednedo (N-12), Crul (R-13), Mol’leaj (O-14)

Aliens of the Galaxy: Artiod Minor (S-3), Ubduria (N-8), Bravais (O-9), Dowut (J-12), Dybrin (L-12), Li-Toran (M-13), Delphidian Cluster (I-15), Rina Major (I-17)

Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded: Suntilla (N-12)

Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Pipada (M-18), Yar Togna (P-18), Iakar (N-20)

The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary: Pippip (Q-4), Otomok (K-6), Warlentta (M-7)

Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide: Danzik (M-3), Gallus (S-6), Hylobi (Q-8), Gotar (U-9), Sabata (R-9), Barbadel (K-13), Azum (K-15)

Alien Archive: Tal Pi (P-5), Nepotis (T-9), Britaxis Minor (O-11), Croce (S-14), Octero (P-18), Hasskyn (M-20)

The Galactic Explorer’s Guide: Persis (L-15)

Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition: Chanceuxi (N-4), Troglofa (R-6), Imroosia (N-9)

The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary: Didyma (J-5), Mohsenia (R-6), Caphexdis (M-7), Anzell (R-7), Boosodia (N-8), Gavriza (O-8), Cyclorria (N-9), Reesaria (U-10), Deymasoll (J-13), Shahkir (M-14), Talpiddi (I-18), Winsit (L-20)

The Clone Wars: Character Encyclopedia – Join the Battle!: Halais (N-10), Korbori (N-12)

**Almost every location from this category is simply the homeworld of a background species from the recent movies. The lines can get a bit blurrier here but I sorted them anyway for convenience.


Galaxy’s Edge: Lespectus (M-10), Batuu (G-15), Pacara (J-15), Blutopia (K-16), Wick (S-16), Onod (K-17)

Galactic Starcruiser: Adinax Nebula (I-16)

Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens: Tansyl (O-16)

The Perfect Weapon: Chaaktil (N-14), Vashka (Q-17)

Bottleneck: Tsevuka (M-6)

Choose Your Destiny: A Maz’s Castle Mission: Zenezia (J-15)

The High Republic: The Edge of Balance: Banchii (K-19)

The Vow of Silver Dawn: Begamor (M-5), Aakaash (M-5)

The only planet on the map that does not seem to have grounding in a prior canon or Legends story is Tenoo (I-17).


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