Shadow of the Sith Continuity Breakdown

It’s been a few months since the book was released now, but I decided to finally edit my notes on Shadow of the Sith into a post (if there’s enough interest, I can do this for The Princess and the Scoundrel as well). The novel does an impressive job of working with the other works set around the era to help define a time period that hasn’t been very thoroughly explored, as well as also depicting important events and places that have been referenced but never explored first hand until now.

  • Shadow of the Sith opens with a quote taken from Matthew Stover’s phenomenal novelization of Revenge of the Sith, attributed to “a warning from a darker time.” Luke later reflects how Vader’s signature in the dark side had been akin to a sun-dragon curled in the core of a star, a comparison taken from the same source.
  • Garu-bears are mentioned in an analogy, having been previously mentioned in The New Jedi Order: Balance Point.
  • Luke’s temple is revealed to be located on the planet Ossus, an ancient Jedi world created by Tom Veitch for the Dark Empire and Tales of the Jedi comics. It has since been confirmed that this decision was made by the script for The Book of Boba Fett, but the lack of identification for the planet onscreen in the show gave the novel the honor of revealing it. This retroactively means in addition to that series, Ossus also appeared in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.
  • It’s said that Luke and Lor have mapped out a network of the scattered Jedi temples across the galaxy using the star compass that Luke found on Pillio in Battlefront II. Lando talks with Shriv, one of the main characters from the game, later in the book.
  • Beaumont’s time with the Lerct Historical Institute was established by The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary to give backstory to the character’s expository knowledge, while the institute itself was first mentioned in Alliance Intelligence Reports.
  • Ochi’s time visiting Exegol with Vader, as well as his stint with Qi’ra and his Droid Crush allies, comes from Greg Pak’s run on the Darth Vader comic.
  • Lando thinks about the Errant Venture casino, which was a repurposed and recolored Star Destroyer owned by Booster Terrik in Stackpole’s X-Wing novels.
  • Two of the drinks served on Boxer Point Station are the Red Dwarf and the Rodian Splice, respectively from the Russ Manning newspaper comics and Kieron Gillen’s run on the Star Wars comic. Lando later makes a joke involving Constancia, a planet also from the Russ Manning comics.
  • The Sith names that echo on Exegol include Plagueis, Revan, Noctyss, Sanguiss, and Shaa. I don’t think the first two require much introduction. Noctyss and Sanguiss are both from the same Exegol-based short story in Dark Legends, with the lightsaber used by Noctyss popping up later in the book. Shaa is from Charles Soule’s run on Darth Vader.
  • Beaumont’s mentor is a Hoopaloo, a species created by Cavan Scott that first appeared in Choose Your Destiny: A Han & Chewie Adventure.
  • Ochi recalls Mace Windu calling him “Sithspawn,” which was a common expletive in Legends publishing tracing back to Veitch’s comic runs.
  • The book brings together Tython’s depictions in both The Mandalorian and the Doctor Aphra comic, with the seeing stone from the former appearing and a mention of the Martyrium of Frozen Tears from the latter. The New Republic outpost at Adelphi mentioned in The Mandalorian also appears in the novel for the first time.
  • Luke’s research included writings about Exegol from the ancient scribe Kli the Elder, mentioned to be one of the contributors to the ancient Jedi texts in the junior novelization for The Rise of Skywalker.
  • Lando briefly reflects on time spent on Adelphi with Kaasha, his Twi’lek love interest from Last Shot. She only gets the one mention in the book and it’s left ambiguous whether or not she’s the mother of Lando’s daughter, probably because we don’t know yet whether that daughter is half-Twi’lek or not.
  • Speaking of Lando’s daughter, we learn in the novel that her name is Kadara. This is a reference to Lando’s name in Leigh Brackett’s Empire Strikes Back script, “Lando Kadar.”
  • When learning that Dathan is a strandcast (a type of cloning first mentioned in The Mandalorian before being applied to Palpatine’s efforts on Exegol by the novelization for The Rise of Skywalker), Anaximander questions if there is a trace of Kaminoan imprint or Khomm logo proteins. The Khomm race of clones were introduced in Kevin Anderson’s Jedi Academy Trilogy.
  • Kiza of Corellia, her backstory with the Acolytes of the Beyond, Exim Panshard’s mask, and more are all directly picked up from where the Aftermath trilogy left off. Kiza is said to have killed Yupe Tashu herself, contrary to what was depicted in those books.
  • Luke wonders whether Kiza is Pantoran or Wroonian after seeing her blue skin. Wroonians originated in the classic Marvel comics, and the confusion between the two is ironic considering background characters in Revenge of the Sith initially stated to be Wroonian by extended material were later retconned into being Pantoran. Aniximander is a Zeltron, a species that was important in the same classic comics.
  • Lando compares the power in Kiza’s mask to the helmet that once belonged to Momin, which Lando encountered when he stole it in Charles Soule’s Lando miniseries.
  • The bounty hunters working with Ochi use a CAP-2 walker once used by the Empire. Uniquely, this isn’t taken from another story, but was instead a toy created by Kenner in 1982. Aside from an indirect wink in The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary, this is its first textual appearance.
  • The Crymorah are passingly mentioned alongside other criminal groups. Just have to get my Underworld mention in here.
  • The Corporate Sector Authority and all of their structure with viceprexes and espos were created by Brian Daley for his Han Solo Adventures novels. Their collaboration with the First Order during this era was established in Before the Awakening.
  • Pryde has a fondness for the aquamarine cognax Abrax, created by Stackpole for X-Wing: Rogue Squadron. Toniray wine, first seen in Bloodline, is mentioned a bit later as well.
  • Luke borrows the Star Herald from Lina Graf, a ship and character created by Cavan Scott for Adventures in Wild Space before he continued their story in the Tales from Vader’s Castle comics. The book reveals that at this point in time Lina is a senior New Republic officer based at Adelphi, and she has gone on adventures with Luke and Lor in the past.
  • There’s a mention of dedlanite power cells, a substance created for the Chewbacca comic that also cropped up in Resistance.
  • Komat’s pet Sekhmet is a targon, a type of giant cat that Lina Soh also has a fondness for in The High Republic.
  • Komat can track ships through hyperspace using hyperwave signal interception. Though Komat’s skill with it takes it further than previously seen, the technology has precedence going back to the original West End Games The Star Wars Sourcebook.
  • KB-68 is a Duelist Elite droid, a model of droid that traces back to the Archie Goodwin newspaper comics.
  • Rey’s parents barter for her protection with a songsteel amulet, made from a metal created for Wizards of the Coast RPG supplements.
  • Lando watches a snippet of chapter seventy-three of the Calrissian Chronicles: “Double Jeopardy, or the terrible secret of the planet Lahsbane.” There’s a no-prize for anyone who can guess the title given on the cover for the seventy-third issue of the classic Marvel comics.
  • Dathan and Miramir are laid to rest by Luke and Lando on Neftali, a world in the Socorro system. The planet and its history being used as storage by criminals owes to West End Games supplements, starting with Wretched Hives of Scum & Villainy. Though he is familiar with it, no mention is made of the Socorro system still being Lando’s home, which has been a curiosity since The Rise of Skywalker had him mention being from the Gold system.
  • Lando’s Wind Raider of Taloraan armor in The Rise of Skywalker is revealed to have been a gift from Komat. The armor being of Taloraan origin was revealed in The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary, while the Wind Raiders themselves were created for an Adventure Journal article.

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  1. Fantastic!! You should definitely do a breakdown on Princess and the Scoundrel too, or maybe a detailed Endor -> Jakku timeline covering all the connections there? That would be neat. Great work as always.

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