Obi-Wan – A Jedi’s Purpose Continuity Breakdown

  • Though the name was never said in the show, the name Akkani for Obi-Wan’s eopie was developed for Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Ben’s journals were a plot point introduced in Jason Aaron’s run on the Star Wars comic, which shows Luke discovering them after A New Hope.

  • The first issue reveals that Obi-Wan was part of the Kybuck Clan when he was an initiate. The naming of Jedi youngling clans after animals was started by the script for Attack of the Clones; though it isn’t said aloud in the final film, the script had Yoda identify his class of younglings as the mighty Bear Clan. Kybucks were first seen in Genndy Tartakovsky’s 2D Clone Wars series, which showed Yoda favoring one as a mount.
  • The second issue is set on Codia’s second moon, fleshing out the Codia system for the first time since the Codian Moon was said to be the reek homeworld in 2002’s Attack of the Clones: The Visual Dictionary. The comic directly mentions the primary moon and how ranchers breed reeks there.
  • The Defel’s unique relationship with light has been around since the species was fleshed out by Galaxy Guide 4.
  • The third issue features brief flashbacks to Mace’s victory at Dantooine and Grievous’ emergence at Hypori, both events depicted in Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars. Interestingly, the sequence implies they happened after the events at Christophsis in the theatrical The Clone Wars movie, but this runs counter to the timeline stated in Brotherhood and several other sources.
  • The important agriworld of Abrion Major is the site of a key battle in the early war shown in the third issue. The Abrion sector and its role in supplying the galaxy with food were a plot point in The Thrawn Trilogy while Abrion Major itself was established by the 2002 HoloNet News site.
  • Mekedrix transferred to Abrion Major from Roon, a planet from the old Droids cartoon show. He proved himself at a battle over Molavar, a planet seen in the Tales comic that was established to be very near Roon by The Essential Atlas. Both planets are also located in the Abrion sector, making Mekedrix’s involvement in the Abrion Major battle even clearer. Mekedrix later names his execution squad after the Death Wind Corridor that passes by Roon, first mentioned in Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds.
  • The arrival of IG units reinforcing the Separatists at Abrion Major makes Obi-Wan realize they’re being backed by the Banking Clan’s Collection and Security Division. The Banking Clan memorably utilized IG units during the battle on Muunilinst in Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars.
  • The fourth issue opens shortly after the planet Atraken has been completely devastated in a nominal victory for the Republic, something that weighs heavily on Obi-Wan. Atraken becoming a bombed out husk thanks to the Clone Wars was first mentioned in WEG’s Planets of the Galaxy, Volume Two before being fleshed out by HoloNet News years later.
  • Anakin complains that he and Obi-Wan are supposed to be reinforcing a blockade at Herdessa, a planet originating from the classic Marvel comics.
  • Mekedrix executed a brutal raid on the Commerce Guild on Minntooine, a shipbuilding world first mentioned in the Incredible Cross-Sections for Revenge of the Sith. The Commerce Guild’s presence on the planet was mentioned in Rise of the Separatists.

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