Exclusive Interview with Jack Mitchell

I got the chance recently to talk with Jack Mitchell, the author of the new Abrams release The Odyssey of Star Wars. The book caught me by surprise when it came out a couple of months ago and I did a thorough breakdown of it at the time. Be sure to check it out, both because it’s a great book and to encourage more releases like it, and check out Jack’s site.

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Exclusive Interview with Cavan Scott

Cavan Scott is one of the bright minds behind the High Republic initiative and the writer of more Star Wars books and comics than I think I could list (he probably would have released a few more in the time it’d take me to try). He was gracious enough to take the time to answer some of my questions about the High Republic and beyond. Most people are probably pretty familiar with his Star Wars works already, but be sure to check out his site and some of his other stories.

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Exclusive Interview with Landry Q. Walker

Landry Q. Walker is the writer behind a number of fan-favorite Star Wars books and comics over the last few years, from the short stories based around The Force Awakens that were collected in Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens up to the backup story in Star Wars Adventures #7 a couple weeks ago. I recently had the opportunity to ask him all of my questions about those stories and the process behind them. Be sure to pick up a copy of Star Wars Adventures #7 if you haven’t already so we can hopefully get more stories like it, and check out his other works.

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