LEGO Star Wars: Castaways Summary and Breakdown

LEGO Star Wars: Castaways was released last month on the subscription-based Apple Arcade, allowing players to customize a character and explore an island on a faraway world, interacting with both its in-universe inhabitants and other players. It’s a reasonably fun game, if a bit grind-y, and it seemed like it went relatively under the radar. I played through the game’s whole story so I thought it would be helpful to write up a summary of it and its most interesting details.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Decoded

In 2009, following the release of the first season of The Clone Wars and during the buildup to the second, Cartoon Network re-aired the majority of season one’s episodes as Decoded, adding bubbles with fun facts, trivia, and jokes throughout the episodes. They were aimed at young kids but there are still some nice details and EU pulls in them, and they even established some information that’s been referenced since. The episodes were available online after airing but I guess not many people really thought to save them because they vanished off the face of the internet, never aired or released again. For years I thought they were gone forever, but a couple of years ago they resurfaced (shoutout to mMathab for saving them and to Luke, Confed, and Ellie for helping preserve them). I thought I would make Imgur albums with all of the bubbles to preserve them for fans to easily enjoy.

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Star Wars: The Vow of Silver Dawn Breakdown

The Vow of Silver Dawn is the new Chinese Star Wars web novel, written by an author using the pen name “His Majesty the King.” It was announced last year and is completely official, giving it just about as much legitimacy as anything else in publishing. An official translation seems unlikely, so I thought I would write up a summary of the story for anyone who was interested but didn’t know how to read Chinese or want to put the effort into parsing an autotranslation. Because I’m using an autotranslation, the names are probably off in places, but the story should be all accurate. There are fifty-nine chapters out so far with more to come, and I’ll continue to add to this post as they’re released.

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The Mandalorian Chapter 14 Translations

This week’s episode of The Mandalorian had quite a bit of cool stuff in it but I wanted to focus specifically on a short moment towards the end of the episode, because I’m a ridiculous nerd. Cara Dune flips through a number of New Republic prisoner records while looking for Mayfeld and those records are absolutely packed with easter eggs and references to the Expanded Universe, so I’m going to show each translation and then dive into what some of those references are. Thanks to Ellie (@harellie_quinn) for grabbing the high quality images for me. Spoilers!

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The Unmade Episodes of The Clone Wars

Each arc would have been four episodes. The seasons five and six arcs were fully scripted and partially produced in terms of animatics and voice acting, while the last few for the planned season seven were only in the first draft stage of scripting with very early drawings. I’m not going to talk about the arcs that have been released in various formats (Crystal Crisis on Utapau, Dark Disciple, Son of Dathomir, Bad Batch, Ahsoka’s Walkabout, and Siege of Mandalore), but instead focus on the ones we haven’t seen at all yet.

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A Guide to Huttese

This isn’t intended to be a dictionary as much as it is a resource. The language isn’t always terribly consistent and I don’t think a strict dictionary would end up being plausible with what we know. Instead, this is a record of all the instances of Huttese across modern storytelling that I can find. The films I transcribe as much as I can using scripts, screenplays, and novelizations, but none of them are perfectly accurate or complete.

There’s quite a bit of “[Unknown]” in here, but some of it can be translated using other sections. I just don’t like guessing, since some words can even seem to have double meanings sometimes. The biggest things that I can’t transcribe are Solo (the novelization says the yacht singer is speaking Huttese) and the Galaxy’s Edge songs. I don’t have any resources to transcribe them with but if you’ve looked at this long enough you’ll probably start to pick up on a few words in them.

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Underworld: The Unmade Live Action TV Series

Something that I’ve always been very curious about is George Lucas’ unmade live action series, which had the working title Underworld. It was something he was passionate about since 2005, around the same time he started developing The Clone Wars. He had a writers room put together and there were about fifty scripts written but production never got off the ground. The project sat on a shelf until George sold the company and the information developed for it remains a big part of Star Wars today. I’ve done things about the series before but I wanted to make one big resource to cover everything we know or can guess would have been a part of the story of the show. Bullet points are facts that can be sourced and after them I’ll take some guesses about how those puzzle pieces may have fit together.

Note: Yes, I know a lot of the Twitter links are dead. I could probably find screenshots but I’m not going to out of the respect to the person who chose to delete them.

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Star Wars: Choose Your Destiny Mini-Missions

This year a number of Choose Your Destiny Mini-Missions were released exclusively through Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. They’re audio missions that you get to decide the direction of, though like the book version of the series there is mostly one path that contains a few variables. I thought I would summarize all of them and some of their fun bits of trivia for anyone outside the US or otherwise can’t access them. These should be the overall “canon” versions, though some minor variables can change.

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Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Datapad

I just recently returned from my trip to Black Spire Outpost and thought that I would do a big post with everything that I found interesting in the Datapad, the AR app game that you can play while in the park. There’s plenty of fun easter eggs and lore in here, and I didn’t even discover it all. If you have or know of something that isn’t in here, please feel free to send it to me.

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The Timeline of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi

I thought it’d be fun to write up a timeline covering all of TFA and TLJ with the EU content that takes place during the films, just to see how they all intersect and connect. Spoilers follow for anything that takes place during the two films, including the newest Join the Resistance book.

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