Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow Review

Spoilers Ahead

I have been incredibly excited about the idea of this book ever since the first rumors about it were spread. It’s been on my list of books I want for a long time. Padmé has never really gotten a full story of her own like this, especially not one in this era between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones

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Star Wars: Pirate’s Price Review

Pirate’s Price is the second and final installment of the Disney-Lucasfilm Press side of the Flight of the Falcon line (IDW has been publishing a great series of stories on the comics side of the line). The first installment was Lando’s Luck, which came out back in October. I enjoyed Lando’s Luck a decent amount but I did think that it ended up being fairly forgettable. It wasn’t a story that really stuck out at me much.

Pirate’s Price is definitely a big step up there.

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