Big Bird the Narcotics Cop

Just after Luke and Obi-Wan successfully sell Luke’s landspeeder in A New Hope, a large pair of legs shuffle across directly in front of the screen. It’s a cute camera trick, and the owner of the legs isn’t otherwise shown.

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Aurebesh Details

Aurebesh has been a staple of onscreen Star Wars storytelling since the prequel trilogy, the first films made after the alphabet was refined by West End Games RPG material. It’s become so ubiquitous that a number of related precursor scripts were created for Rogue One, including Domabesh, Dishabesh, and Protobesh. There are plenty of examples where upon closer inspection, Aurebesh doesn’t actually translate to anything legible, or it translates to some in-joke from the production team, but sometimes the Aurebesh in the background actually includes relevant details or references that flesh out the setting.

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The Cantina Alien That Wasn’t

After the initial filming of the iconic Star Wars cantina sequence, makeup artist Rick Baker was brought in to supervise the creation of a new batch of aliens to be used in shooting the second unit of the cantina, adding new depth to what had already been shot. Some masks were created new while others were recycled from previous projects that Baker had worked on. As can be seen in the below image of Baker and his team, this led to the creation of some pretty classic Star Wars creatures that are prominent in the final film. 

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The Collection of Dryden Vos

The collection of Dryden Vos in Solo: A Star Wars Story is absolutely loaded with details, some of them less obvious than others. Notably, these are not all retcons or connections made after the fact; at least some of the items in Dryden’s collection were intended to be pulled from the Expanded Universe from the start. One of my favorite parts is how this list is still incomplete; there are many items still unidentified. What we do have largely comes from the books Solo: The Visual Guide and Scum and Villainy. The Guide identifies six galleries on display in the collection, which I’ll go over and dissect individually.

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The Seeds for The High Republic Phase Two

With phase one officially at an end, phase two of the High Republic is set to kick off later this year, starting in October. Most of the details are locked up tight, but we do know that the phase will jump back in time to 150 years before phase one, shedding light on events hinted at throughout the books and comics so far. The first wave will include the Del Rey novel Convergence from Zoraida Córdova, the young adult novel Path of Deceit from Justina Ireland and Tessa Gratton, the middle grade novel Quest for the Hidden City from George Mann, the Dark Horse comic Quest of the Jedi from Claudia Gray, a Marvel ongoing from Cavan Scott, a Dark Horse graphic novel from Daniel José Older, and a Marvel miniseries from Charles Soule.

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A History of Mando’a

The language that came to be known as Mando’a was initially developed by composer Jesse Harlin to be used in the soundtrack he created for the 2005 video game Republic Commando. Harlin wanted a tragically heroic main theme for the game to be sung by a male choir, and created a fledgling ancient Mandalorian language for it to be recorded in. Though it’s most famous for the game’s iconic menu theme “Vode An,” the game does have several other Mando’a songs, one of which referred to another alien song created for a previous soundtrack.

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The Great Tree of the Jedi

In the miniseries Dark Empire II, released from 1994 into 1995, Luke Skywalker’s quest to revive the Jedi Order takes him to the planet Ossus, said to have once been an ancient center of Jedi learning. While exploring, Luke and his companions are attacked by servants of Palpatine. The dark siders kidnap one of Luke’s potential students, only to be thwarted when the tree behind them reveals itself to be an ancient Jedi Master named Ood Bnar, who has been laying dormant on the planet for thousands of years. Bnar gives his life to defeat the Sith acolytes and Luke soon discovers that he was standing sentinel near a library of Jedi books and artifacts, which aid Luke in his attempts to increase his understanding of the ancient Jedi.

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Home for Life Day – Chewbacca’s Family

On November 17th, 1978, The Star Wars Holiday Special aired on CBS and introduced audiences to three brand new characters; the first three Star Wars characters to be introduced onscreen after the release of the original film the year prior. These characters were Itchy, Malla, and Lumpy, respectively Chewbacca’s father, wife, and son.

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