The Atlas of the High Republic

The story of the High Republic is launched into action by the destruction of the Legacy Run and the beginning of the Emergences, where pieces of the destroyed freighter are launched out of hyperspace and threaten to devastate countless worlds. The first Emergence occurs at Hetzal (Q-16) in the Outer Rim. Much of the disaster is averted by the Jedi, only for more Emergences to quickly sprout across the galaxy. The first hit is Ab Dalis, also in the Outer Rim. It’s soon followed by more at Eriadu (M-18), Dantooine (L-4), Wazta (J-18), Ringlite, and Ta’klah. Another wave of Emergences has a severe impact on the Trymant system (L-20) some time later.

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Atlas Update – July 2021

I wanted to try out something new with an Atlas Update for the month of July, basically going over all of the new information about planets, hyperspace routes, and the galaxy that’s been established by recent media. I’ll also probably mention when projects pull directly from The Essential Atlas or its Appendix to show how often those are used and how much they hold up. Depending on how it’s received, I could make it a regular feature.

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