The Crymorah Syndicate

For this post, I thought I would write a sort of companion to my previous post about the unmade Underworld series. The Crymorah Syndicate have been all over canon publishing since almost the start but we’ve never once actually seen them. We don’t even really know much about them. Go take a look at the Appearances section on their Wookieepedia page if you want to see how they have never once been anything beyond mentioned. I’ve speculated before that I think it’s very, very likely their origins trace back to Underworld. I thought I would go over the various mentions of them in different works and what we really know about the mysterious group.

We’ll start with Tarkin, the first mention of the Crymorah in a released project. I tend to think of Tarkin as the closest thing to a released episode we have of Underworld. A lot of the lore and worldbuilding in the book seems to trace back to the show. For one thing, it mentions the Crymorah crime families plural, which implies a fairly large group. It’s probably worth noting here that Rick McCallum said that Underworld would be about a group of underground bosses who live on Coruscant and control things like drugs and prostitution. Maybe those bosses were the heads of the Crymorah and they would have been the prominent criminal force in the show.

Tarkin also links the Crymorah with the Droid Gotra, another criminal group that’s been prominent throughout canon but we have yet to get a good look at. Apparently the Gotra serve as muscle for the Crymorah in “robberies, protection, kidnapping, illegal salvage, and extortion.”

One thing that really caught my eye in Tarkin was when Vader holds an assembly of criminals from the Coruscant underworld, he leaves out the Crymorah. When questioned about this by Tarkin:

Vader looked down at him—blankly? Perturbed?
“We have reached an accommodation with the Crymorah,” Vader said.
Tarkin waited for more, but Vader had nothing to add, so Tarkin dropped
the matter and they set out for the turbolifts together

Later in the book, it seems like the Empire has agents inside the Crymorah as well. According to one of the writers, Underworld would have included Darth Vader exclusively in a single two-part story about an uprising on Coruscant and Vader cracking down on it. I wonder if that story would have given us the origin of that “accommodation.”

One more thing of note in Tarkin is that the Sugi are mentioned as a local affiliate of the Crymorah on Murkhana. Some may remember the Sugi arms dealers from the Utapau story reels of unreleased The Clone Wars episodes. In my previous post on Underworld, I talked about how art for 1313 (Underworld‘s sister project) included the Sugi long before their appearance in The Clone Wars. It’s very possible the Sugi would have been another affiliate of the Crymorah in the show.

The Darth Vader comic an appearance from pirates backed by the Crymorah, though no actual members of the Crymorah are anywhere in sight. Vader wipes out these pirates while serving under Tagge and in The Rebel Files a news article acts like the Crymorah have eradicated because of Tagge’s campaign, but since we continue to hear about them in a number of works set later in the timeline I think that was just exaggerated propaganda going off of the pirates being wiped out.

Both editions of Ultimate Star Wars as well as Pablo’s updated Character Encyclopedia have very, very easy-to-miss references to Jabba having an association with the Crymorah. If they were indeed from Underworld, it’s probably fair to say Jabba would have at least been mentioned. Another of Pablo’s books, Scum and Villainy, mentions that during the Imperial era the Crymorah strengthened their hold on worlds they already had and expanded to new, once-peaceful ones. They’ve had a number of mentions in books like CatalystBattlefront: Twilight Company, and Alphabet Squadron, but none of them are anything more passing allusions. I wonder how many of those mentions were the author’s idea and how many were Story Group suggestions.

Finally, Smuggler’s Guide establishes them as one of the Five Syndicates mentioned in Solo, the only one of the five not in released film or TV. Maz describes them as “wild, amoral, and the least likely to be bound by unspoken ritual.” Aphra, some time in the late or post-Imperial era, mentions that the Crymorah are losing ground. The last chronological mention of them was in all three books of the Aftermath trilogy. On the topic of chronology, I also think it’s noteworthy that we’ve never seen them mentioned before the Imperial era and I’m willing to assume they’ve never been mentioned before when Underworld would have taken place. The book also affirms their link to the Droid Gotra and implies a connection with BlasTech.

That’s everything we know about the Crymorah, which is to say, very little of substance. I think it’s fair to assume they would have been a key if not primary player in Underworld with many of the other groups having connections to them (the Droid Gotra, the Sugi, the Hutts, etc). Those stories, especially the one involving Vader, seem very interesting and important to the general state of the criminal underworld. I dearly hope that we get to see them one day.

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6 thoughts on “The Crymorah Syndicate”

  1. So, with today’s announcement of War of the Bounty Hunters, how likely do you think it is that the Crymorah will finally show up? This quote from Charles Soule in the announcement has me thinking…”It’s Jabba the Hutt. It’s Black Sun. It’s Darth Vader. And a bunch of others — factions and so on — that I think will be really interesting for the fans.”
    Trying to think of how many other factions are around at this point in the timeline. Obviously there’s the Alliance, but then what? I wouldn’t call the Ohnaka Gang or Unbroken Clan “factions.”
    And if you want to get really conspiratorial-the Droid Gotra was mentioned in Mando s2, Mando s2 sets up The Book of Boba Fett, and War being a Boba Fett story seems to be some nice brand synergy. So…maybe?

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    1. I’d be lying if I said the idea didn’t immediately occur to me but I’m not putting all my money on it. Soule mentioned Pykes somewhere else so we’ll have a bit of Underworld no matter what!

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